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  • Jul. 31st, 2009 at 10:30 PM
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So everyone's doing that meme where you post excerpts of your WIPs and, well, it seemed like a good idea. :D?

He writhed on the floor as his entire body flooded with pleasure, soreness a distant memory. His cock was uncomfortable, trapped against his leg, but then Pepper’s foot was slowly sliding over it, and the discomfort was forgotten as spikes of pleasure shot up through his groin. The only way it could be more perfect would be if Pepper was actually paying attention to him.

He tried to say so, and after expending an embarrassing amount of concentration, managed to gasp out, “You’d rather be doing my taxes than having sex.”

Pepper looked down at him over the top of her laptop and quirked an eyebrow, like that was the stupidest question she ever heard.

“With me,” he added lamely, ending on something that sounded suspiciously like a whine, except it wasn’t because he was still Tony fucking Stark, and Tony fucking Stark didn’t whine like that.

“Yes,” she said seriously, and suddenly it wasn’t fun anymore.

There were things that Pepper Potts could count on. She could count on Tony to refuse to go to at least one business meeting per week. She could count on JARVIS to have a cup of hot coffee waiting in the coffee maker by the time she entered the kitchen. She could count on at least twenty emails about Iron Man per day.

She could not count on Tony coming back safely from one of his missions.

It was something that drove her crazy. Sometimes she would wake up at night, wondering where he was. If he was asleep in the garage or flying somewhere halfway across the globe. During the day, her heart would stop for a moment every time he swung by her office, pulling on a form-hugging shirt, to tell her that he was going out for a while.

She knew what that meant, even if he refused to say it.

And every damn time, he would come back with some new injury and expect her to just patch him up and send him on his way. Every time he would come back grinning, and looking at her like she should be grinning too, like she hadn’t just been half out of her mind with worry. At least he was coming back at all.

She knew he was being careless out there. She knew that was why he needed someone back at home to patch him up. And she knew that one day, he was going to be too careless, and that would be the end of Tony Stark.

“Gee, you sure do have a lot of plants, Red.”

Pam didn’t pause as she dragged a potted Agave americana through the small apartment’s living room to the south-facing window.

“I told you I’m a biochem student. What did you expect?”

“I dunno. Animals?”

Her roommate, a fellow grad student at the uni, was sitting on the counter, kicking her feet against the cabinet below. A Chlorophytum comosum hung above her, its long tendrils dangling down into her bushy yellow pigtails.

“What part of ‘botanical biochemistry’ says animals to you?” She pushed the pot a few inches to the right and then stepped back to survey the placement. Perfect.

Before Atlantis reconnected with Earth, the standard procedure when no one could make an artifact work was “go find Sheppard”. Reuniting with Earth produced additional red tape, but not much change in the S.O.P.

Rodney viewed this as a Waste Of Time. He didn’t need twice as many scientists to look for it in the database and twice as many to try to translate the markings that weren’t even text for God’s sake and twice as many to prod it with highly advanced sticks. As far as he was concerned, Sheppard should be stationed in the lab at his beck and call whenever they weren’t off-world. If only Elizabeth would listen to his carefully prepared proposals to that effect, she would see that they would get through twice as many artifacts in half the time. They just needed to disperse with the middleman.

In fact, it was for the good of Atlantis that he sometimes dragged a sleepy Sheppard to the lab late at night to go through a box or two (or six) of unsorted artifacts with him. He planned to bring up this point the next time Elizabeth cornered them both to lecture on proper procedure and the danger of playing with artifacts that hadn’t gone through the screening process.

Besides, it wasn’t like they’d ever turn on anything dangerous. Except that one time with the little ball that started zinging around the room and dented a couple surfaces, but Sheppard took care of that — that was his job. And there was that one time the fiddly box put them both to sleep for ten minutes, but they had to run across the Ancient equivalent of a joy buzzer at some point, and it was better that it happened when there was no one else around. And that one time-

The point was, McKay and Sheppard were long overdue for destroying Atlantis through curiosity.

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