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In Which I Bring You a Shitload of Comic Scans

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Why I wife Daredevil as hard as I do can be summed up by one page out of The Pulse #13.

Daredevil and D-man

Unlike most superheroes, who care about the big picture, Daredevil cares about people. He must have had a billion more important things to do that day, both as Daredevil and as Matt Murdock. Instead, he chose to come help a former Avenger who ended up crazy and homeless.

If that's not being a hero, I don't know what is.

Impact police work
Embarrass them enough to do something about it

Wifing Luke is similar to wifing Daredevil. This is his defining moment. This is what makes Luke Cage a hero. It's not Iron Man who thought of this plan, not Captain America, not Spider-man or Spider-woman or any of the other Avengers. It's Luke, and that's what makes him a better person than all of them combined.

Basically, I ship the three of them because Danny is hilariously jealous of Jessica. Think I'm kidding?

He's my brother!
Danny's getting goofy.

What is that if not jealousy? And I love how Misty's basically like "..." at him.


They're hilarious and adorable together, and I just want them to have hilarious adorable sex together.

I never get around to telling him I don't sleep much anymore.

Danny and Luke want to save the world together. Danny cares just as much about the little people as Luke does, and really, can you ask for more than that?


Matt is consistently shown with Luke, Danny, and Peter. We're going to ignore Peter for the sake of this because if you don't ship Peter/MJ I don't know what's wrong with you.

They're his closest friends. And what happens to his closest friends?



That is how Matt sees the world. People get hurt for being his friends/lovers. And yet, Danny and Luke and Jessica? Still totally fine. For the most part. Nothing bad has happened to them because of knowing him, and Matt needs that. He needs people he can go home to that can take care of themselves. A regular orgy is just an added bonus.
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[personal profile] shadowkitty 2009-07-21 11:08 pm (UTC)(link)
You just managed to put almost every reason I love them in one post.
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That Danny and Jessica bit broke my fucking heart. I want you to get along! Stop being so mean, Danny!

And then the next page has Jess covering for him, because she completely gets that Danny and Luke are family, and people do and say crazy things to protect their family.